Record of honour:
The AJEX Record of Honour is a fantastic resource. It contains the many thousands of names of Jews who have served the crown. For any military or family history enquiries it is an incredible database of information which we very much want people to use.
That said, changes in the law, namely the Data Protection Act and the General data Protection regulation (GDPR) mean that we are no longer able to grant open access to the Record of Honour. This is a shame, but we mustn’t let this be a barrier to people being able to use the resource. If you email with the title – RECORD OF HONOUR INFO REQUEST we will aim to get back to you within 2 working days. Please include as much information about your request and your research in your email. In order to release data to you it may be necessary to call you to discuss, so please include a phone number. If you are requesting specific information about someone who is deceased, it is a much simpler process and they are not covered by the legislation and we can return their full record to you by email.
If you want to discuss anything in detail please do not hesitate to contact head office on 0208 202 2323 and ask for Maj D M Yank, Director of Operations.